Fluffies speak in a childlike manner, pronouncing the letters R and L as W and generally having atrocious grammar. They never refer to themselves using pronouns such as "I", "we", or "he", always saying names and never using other pronouns except for "you". They also do not use word tenses. Those who are new to writing fluffspeak are advised to read some of the higher-quality stories to familiarize themselves with fluffy grammar.

"Big" Words Edit

Fluffies almost never use bigger words unless they have to. They will most likely either butcher the pronunciation or give up trying to say the word and substitute it for something else.

Made-Up Words Edit

Fluffies do not use the proper words for some things, particularly animals and some objects. An example of this would be "black-rockie-place", the road. Roads are made of asphalt, which is black. A fluffy who has never seen the road would not know this word, as they tend to make up descriptors on the spot. An animal is either a monster or a friend, prefixed by the sound it makes or, less commonly a unique aspect of its appearance. For example, a friendly cat would be a "meow-friend", while an unfriendly cat would be a "hissy-monster". Fluffies prefix "not-" to the word for something to describe something similar to it, but not the same, notably "not-fluff" for human hair and/or clothing. Fluffies consider mostly anything that moves on its own to be alive, calling cars "vroom-vroom-monsters".

Sexual Words Edit

Fluffies often use slightly different words for things. While this usually consists of adding "-ie" to the end of a word, such as "blockie", "leggie", and "huggie", they will sometimes add it to the plural form instead, producing words like "eyesie" and "hoofsie". Other words are not so obvious, particularly words related to sex.

Orgasm: Good Feels

No-No-Stick: Penis

Poopie-Place: Anus

Special Huggies: Sex

Special Lumps: Testicles

Special-Place/No-No-Place: Genitals