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Welcome to the Fluffy Pony wiki. This wiki describes aspects of the massive pile of headcanons that is the Fluffy Pony universe.

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Fluffy Ponies are cute, cuddly pets genetically engineered by Hasbio. They are capable of speech, and generally have the intelligence and demeanor of very young children. The majority of the fandom seems to use fluffies as a stress outlet, more often than not creating art and stories depicting them being tortured in various ways. Contrary to popular belief, Fluffle Puff is unrelated to fluffy ponies.

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    Summary: Added some more detail.
  • new page Abuse
    created by JellyBellenheimer 23 hours ago
    New page: Abuse is one of the basic genres of Fluffy Pony related content. Typically the content centers around depicting the intentional suffering of a fluffy...
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  • new page Feral Fluffies
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    New page: It is generally accepted that feral fluffies began surviving and multiplying in the wild after the raid by PETA. They are often classified as vermin...
  • new page Smarty Syndrome
    created by Savannahs1 1 day ago
    New page: Smarty Syndrome is a phenomenon in which the typical fluffy pony attitude is completely turned on its head; While fluffies are normally kind, gentle,...
  • new page Speech
    created by Savannahs1 1 day ago
    New page: Fluffies speak in a childlike manner, pronouncing the letters R and L as W and generally having atrocious grammar. They never refer to themselves...
  • new page Fluffy Ponies
    created by Savannahs1 1 day ago
    New page: Fluffy ponies, more commonly referred to simply as fluffies, are genetically engineered "biotoys" created by Hasbro under the name "Hasbio" to be...
    Summary: This is probably unfinished as all hell, but I need to sleep.
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